Material Fact

CENTRO DE IMAGEM DIAGNÓSTICOS S.A. ("Company") (B3: AALR3), in compliance with paragraph 4 of article 157 of Law 6404/76 and Instruction 358/02 of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission ("CVM"), hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that the Company received, on the present date, notifications sent (i) by its shareholders Pátria - Brazilian Private Equity Fund III - FIP, Diagnostic Fund for Brazil - FIP, Pátria Economia Real - FIP and Brasil Private Equity III - FIP, and (ii) by Fonte de Saúde Fundo de Investimento em Participações Multiestratégia (CPNJ 42.479.729/0001-32) ("Buyer"), informing that on this date they signed a share purchase and sale agreement for the sale of the totality of the 25,012,323 shares of the Company owned by the Sellers to the Buyer, subject to, among other conditions for closing, the approval by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense - CADE. The entire content of said notifications (portuguese only) is attached to this notice of material fact.

São Paulo, August 19th, 2021

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