Material Fact

CENTRO DE IMAGEM DIAGNÓSTICOS SA ("Company") (B3: AALR3), in compliance with paragraph 4 of article 157 of Law 6404/76 and Instruction 358/02 of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission ("CVM"), hereby informs its shareholders and the market in general that the Company received, on the present date, a notification sent by Rede D‘Or SA, a publiclyheld company, headquartered in the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, at Rua Francisco Marengo, 1.312, Tatuapé, CEP 03313-000, registered with the CNPJ/ME under No. 06.047.087/0001-39 ("Rede D‘Or"), informing that the Board of Directors of Rede D‘Or approved, on August 15, 2021, the carrying out of a voluntary public offering for the acquisition of shares issued by the Company, with the purpose of acquiring up to 118,292,816 (one hundred and eighteen million, two hundred and ninety-two thousand, eight hundred and sixteen) common shares issued by Alliar, representing 100% (one hundred percent) of its share capital, subject to the acquisition, by Rede D‘Or, of shares representing at least 15% (fifteen percent) of the Company‘s capital ("OPA"). The entire content of said notification is attached to this material fact.

The launch of the OPA is subject to prior approval by CVM, pursuant to applicable regulations. The Company is analyzing, together with its advisors, the content of the aforementioned notification, as well as its obligations in relation to the OPA, if it is actually launched, and will keep the market informed about the matter.

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