Notice to the Market

We inform our shareholders and the market in general that the Alliar Group (B3: AALR3) and the Afya Group (NASDAQ: AFYA) - the largest medical education group in Brazil - celebrate the signing of the Technical-Scientific Cooperation Agreement.

Alliar and Afya come together to bring quality education and practical experience to the medical community, by offering courses that cover: (i) short-term immersions, focusing on specific imaging exams, or (ii) long-term courses - up to 3 years - focused on specialization in Radiology.

The iQMR is a solution that uses Machine Learning algorithms for image-exams. This technology enables fast MRI protocols on MRI scanners of any vendor and model, allowing up to 40% faster MRI scans, while maintain and even enhancing image quality.

This partnership fosters the technical-scientific development of medical activity in the country, combining quality education and practical experience in specialties with great demand.

Today, in Brazil, we have approximately 26,000 medical students graduating annually, and only 17,000 residency positions available. The partnership between Alliar and Afya aims to increase the offer of quality specialization to supply the existing demand, giving access to diagnostic medicine for the population.


Afya is present in 28 cities and in 13 states, through 23 medical campuses and 11 medical graduate campuses, in addition to the national offer of preparatory courses for residency through an online platform and the offer of products that help doctors in their day by day, such as decision-making applications, telemedicine platforms and electronic medical records.

Alliar is one of the biggest players in the diagnostic medicine sector in Brazil, being an integrated company, recognized for its high quality and competitive prices, which intensively uses technology to provide access to healthcare. Alliar has 106 units in 42 cities and 10 states.

Săo Paulo, November 1st, 2020

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