Notice to the Market

Alliar announces to its shareholders and the market in general about the Exclusivity agreement signed with the Israeli company Medic Vision.

With this agreement, Alliar becomes responsible, throughout Latin America, for an absolutely innovative product: iQMR.

The iQMR is a solution that uses Machine Learning algorithms for image-exams. This technology enables fast MRI protocols on MRI scanners of any vendor and model, allowing up to 40% faster MRI scans, while maintain and even enhancing image quality.

IQMR is FDA-cleared for all body parts since 2018 and currently is worldwide used in routine attendance at more than than 300 reference sites. Some of the excellence centers that already use iQMR are: Massachusetts General Hospital (USA), Cleveland Clinic (USA), Alliance Imaging (USA), Hillel-Yaffe Medical Center (Israel), University of Kanazawa Medical Center (Japan), Yamaguchi University Hospital (Japan), Health100 (China). This technology will also become available in Latin America through Alliar.

Tests performed on our resonance machines prove gains of 20% to 40% in reducing procedure time.

Săo Paulo, August 20th, 2020

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