Press Release - Coronavirus Testing

CDB laboratory starts home testing for coronavirus at R$249.00

São Paulo, March 2, 2020 - The CDB laboratory, a benchmark in good diagnostic medicine and a pioneer in providing complete laboratory services (clinical analysis, diagnostic imaging and graphical methods exams), started home testing for the new coronavirus (CODIV-19). "Home testing not only provides a more convenient process to the patient but also reduces the risk of spreading the virus by isolating the patient behind a closed door" said Dr. Flavia Cevasco, CDB’s Medical Director.

Patients who are under suspicion of being infected with the new coronavirus can order home testing via telephone at (11) 5908 7222 or through the website Health plans are not obligated to cover this test. Its total cost is R$249 (including test, test materials and collection fee), which can be paid in up to six installments on credit card. To order this test, you will need to provide a doctor’s referral.

São Paulo, March 2, 2020.

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