2Q19 Earnings Release

São Paulo, August 13th, 2019 - Alliar - Centro de Imagem Diagnósticos S.A. hereby announces its 2Q19 results.


  • Net income (Shareholders) of R$9.6 million in 2Q19, up by 82.1% (+108.4% pro-forma). Year to date, net income reached R$19.5 million, up by 57.5% (+85.0% pro-forma)
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin expanded by +526 bps, reaching 26.9% in 2Q19 (+71 bps pro-forma), with an adjusted EBITDA of R$73.1 million (+23.0% vs 2Q18; +2.2% pro-forma). YTD adjusted EBITDA totaled R$145.6 million (+22.5%), with a 27.3% margin (pro-forma margin of 22.8%)
  • Net revenue1 in the quarter registered R$272.4 million (-1.0%), with same-store-sales (SSS) of +2.0% and impacted by units closed (mainly the sale of Hospital São Rafael’s operations). Year to date, net revenue1 reached R$534.0 million (-0.7%)
  • Operating cash generation of R$103.4 million in 6M19 and cash conversion of 71.0%. YTD free cash flow of R$68.9 million once again demonstrates Alliar’s strong cash generating capacity (pro-forma free cash flow of R$44.9 million)
  • In May 2019, distribution of R$10.0 million in dividends, a payout ratio of 25% out of the R$40.1 million net income recorded in 2018
  • ROIC without goodwill reached 13.9%, up by 169 bps vs 2Q18, reflecting the Company’s continuity with its investment maturation strategy
  • Net promoter score (NPS) of 66.7% at the end of 2Q19, increasing by 130 bps in the quarter (+190 bps in the 1H19). The higher satisfaction scores continue to reflect the strive for improvement in real-time management of the patient flow at Alliar’s units
  • New long-term incentive program linked to the Company’s future performance (2021 net income) - further details at the Restricted Stock Program section

(1) Excludes "construction revenue", accounting entry referring to the investment made at RBD (PPP Bahia)

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