4Q18 Earnings Release

São Paulo, March 19th, 2019 - Alliar - Centro de Imagem Diagnósticos S.A. hereby announces its 4Q18 results.


  • Net revenue1 growth of 1.7% when compared to 4Q17, with same-store-sales (SSS) of 1.4%. In the year, revenues reached R$ 1,075.5 million, a 3.3% growth, with SSS of 2.1%

  • Expansion of +484 bps in adjusted EBITDA, reaching 25.1% in the quarter, with adjusted EBITDA of R$ 64.9 million, a growth of 26.0%. In the year, adjusted EBITDA totaled R$ 250.8 million (+12.6%), with margin of 23.3% (+194 bps)

  • Net income (Shareholders) increased by R$ 29.7 million in the quarter, reaching R$ 16.4 million (compared to a net loss of R$ 13.3 million in 4Q17). In the year, net income increased by 502.7%, reaching R$ 40.1 million

  • Operating cash flow of R$ 73.2 million in 4Q18 and R$ 181.3 million in the year (+13.8%). Positive free cash flow of R$ 104.4 million in 2018 demonstrates the Company‘s new momentum

  • ROIC without goodwill of 12.7%, up by 183 bps, due to the maturation of investments

  • Net promoter score (NPS) of 67.0% at the end of 4Q18 and 65.3% in the year reflects the ongoing improvements in real-time management of the patients‘ flow in our units

(1) Excludes "construction revenue", accounting entry referring to the investment made at RBD (PPP Bahia)

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