4Q16 Earnings Release

São Paulo, March 22, 2017 - Alliar - Centro de Imagem Diagnósticos S.A. hereby announces its 4Q16 and 2016results.

  • Net Revenue growth of 36% in 2016;
  • Adjusted pro forma EBITDA reached R$207.5 million in 2016 (22.5% margin, a 81 bps increase);
  • Recurring net income of R$53.7 million in the year versus a net loss of R$19.1 million in 2015; R$39.7 million excluding minority interest;
  • Recurring operating cash flow of R$150.6 million in 2016, versus R$ 112.5 million in the previous year (+ 34%), resulting in a cash conversion of 74%;
  • 19.9% ROIC without goodwill, an increase of 243 bps;
  • Initial public offering (IPO) at BM&F Bovespa, totaling R$ 268 million in net proceeds for the Company and reducing the Net Debt/EBITDA ratio from 2.7x to 1.7x, in addition to providing the necessary funds for the expansion plan;
  • Acquisitions of Delfin (leader in diagnostic imaging in the Northeast region of Brazil) and Multilab, (one of the main clinical analysis brands in Campo Grande - MS);
  • Addition of 27 PSC (3 mega, 15 standard and 9 collection points), being 9 in the quarter (mega unit CDB Ana Rosa, CDB Perdizes and Multilab units);
  • 18 new MRI machines (+ 18%), with a 9% increase in the average revenue per equipment;
  • 68 new clinical analysis collection rooms (+42%); service now available in 35% of PSCs;
  • 3.3 million patient visits in 2016, a 19% increase;
  • Additional ONA-3 accreditation (ONA-3 is the sector‘s highest quality certification, and is the internal reference for SIGA - Alliar‘s internal quality program).

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